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Autobiography of a Monk
By Shri Acharya Abhidhyanananda Avadhuta




Future Ambitions


I have a dream of two major interrelated projects in my mind, which are in addition to my ongoing efforts to spread the teachings of Abhidhyan Yoga worldwide via lectures, workshops, and personal instruction.

I would like to start one or more retirement communities where people who are serious about the spiritual path can dedicate their senior years to in-depth spiritual practice. Community members would live separately in private housing (cottages), but on the same land, and they would meet regularly for collective functions such as meditation, meals, community work, etc. The community would be strictly nondenominational -- the only requirement for membership would be a firm commitment to personal and spiritual growth.

In addition, I would like to add my bit to addressing the growing need for the natural symbiosis between young and old that has been largely lost in the West. In conjunction with the above-mentioned retirement communities, I would like to open residential training centers for young people who would be mentored by the seniors and who would, at the same time, help the older folks in ways that only the young can.

My plan is to organize these communities on the West and East Coasts (USA), in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, South/Latin America, and Africa. God willing, the people and the funds will appear to make this dream a reality.


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