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Pilgrimage to Self
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by Jinendra Swami

Copyright 1999 Jinendra Swami.

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Author's Preface

This is a collection of the writings of Jinendra Swami, known as The Pilgrimage to Self. To experience the thoughts conveyed by Jinendraji in the fullest sense, it is important that you follow the sequence as shown. Do not try to read all the poems at one stretch. Read one poem daily, and allot some time to think and ponder over the words. Reread the poem several times until you have grasped the essence and gist of it. Proceed to the next poem. Before you move on with the reading, it is advised that you read this short Introduction.

Author's Introduction

For a seeker of truth, if he reflects over the thoughts expressed by Jinendra, then he is automatically led on The Pilgrimage to Self.

The Pilgrimage to Self is not to be seen as a Literary work that can be created by acquired knowledge. It is a spark from one who turned inward, became introspective and experienced Joy. The meaningfulness and the suggestiveness of his utterances impress your mind.

His approach to Truth is straight forward and direct. He lays bare, free from any exotic trappings of complicated words and Sanskrit terminology, the mysterious centre of experience we call "I". The message will be clear even to readers with no special knowledge of Scriptures. For those who earnestly seek, if Life and Existence have any meaning, in any sense of the word, he jolts you out of your isolated sensation of limited self.

So refreshing and direct is his approach that voluntarily and enthusiastically there occurs a meaningful change in your perception, thought process, and behaviour pattern. The result is an experience of a totally new quality of life.

This new Quality of life comes from living Spiritually. He makes us aware that spirituality is a function of aligning our beliefs and behaviours with Universal Principles.

These principles are self-evident, factual, objective, and impersonal. They operate regardless of our Awareness of them or our obedience to them.

As you embrace The Pilgrimage to Self it reveals that real security is not based on our possessions, positions, credentials, or on comparisons with others; rather, it flows from our own Self. You'll discover the "Art of Living" by being in "Waking Meditation."

Jinendra compassionately approaches you and helps you make your life better and manage it more efficiently. His approach cuts through all your prejudices, ideas, beliefs, and concepts. He simply urges you to experience That which he himself experienced on his spiritual journey.

He does not preach nor describe any spiritual practices to be undertaken by a seeker. He makes it amply clear that our Ego has the subtlest ways of pretending to be Reformed. "You cannot teach Ego to be anything but egoistic."

In The Pilgrimage to Self is revealed the power of your own Awareness to dispel, by experimentation and experience, the illusion of one-self as a separate Ego.

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