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Pilgrimage to Self
Page 4

by Jinendra Swami

Copyright 1999 Jinendra Swami.

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The Abstract Core

Why can't Each one of us Realize 
Liberation, Enlightenment or God 
If it is a state
  of our own -- Consciousness?

All Rituals and Traditions
   are not completely useless 
Some have hidden precious truths
  but, truth mixed with lots of Errors 
  and also lots of Untruth 
How can that Tradition be good
If, Instead of gaining Wisdom
  you end up following Untruth?

Most Rituals 
   and most Traditions are Infections 
Passed on by previous generation
   to us, and then from us to next

Don't let Rituals and Traditions
Occupy the place
Of Wisdom that's in you
Keep away from this folly 
Or you may become a lost Man too

When we observe the history and life 
   of all the Great Masters and Teachers
We find
Rebel and Iconoclast were all of them    
Each one of them broke away
   from the myth and belief
That Truth can be had 
   from Someone-else

All dependence on another 
  is an obstacle and hindrance 
This dependence cannot lead you 
    to the experience of the Independence

'This' Non-Reliance
'This' Non-Obedience
Brings Inner Freedom
And Reveals to you the Fact
The Fact that can neither
   be received nor learnt
'The Words' that got transmitted 
From disciple to disciple
May be Absolutely True to the 'Letter'
But how could they transmit
  'the Reality'  behind 'The Words'?
The Reality that exists in 
   the Consciousness of the Enlightened Master

As the Perfect Master conveyed
Verbally or Silently
His great message of Liberation 
The Reality got Corrupted
As the Recipients Consciousness
   was not in 'synch' with his Master's

As the Message moved from one to another
'The Words' remained perfect   
But the Disciples could not transmit 
The Reality behind 'The Words' 
The Reality that Exists
   in the Master's Consciousness

So what we Now Have 
   from the original Message 
Is but a faint fragrance 
   of a flower that once blossomed

Each One must Walk Alone 
To find his own Inner Truth 
Don't try to find 'God'
For 'God' will find You 
Are you still Reluctant to Accept 
Though it's so easy to Grasp the fact? 

Look at the Abstract Core 
  of true Knowledge 
Does it reveal anything to you? 

Understand and see the Fact 
   The Knowledge of Truth 
    is always in Present 
Understand and see the Fact 
   The Knowledge of truth 
   is within man Himself
Understand and see the Fact 
 'The Reality' is Absolute 
   ever Free from any Decay

Understand and see the Fact 
  The Unity and Separation 
  are both within Man himself    

Do not doubt the Abstract Core   
It then creates opportunities for gaining Wisdom 
But Complete Acceptance of these facts will come
When you experience them yourself
Change  your focus of Awareness 
So that 'Serendipity' can work
But be careful and remember
That 'words' are only Concepts
The Truth cannot be found
Simply by Understanding this Word-Play 

Some like to talk, Some like to listen
But none observes one-self
One who says
"I Realize and so I will change"
Is only fooling one-self
One who says
"Now, I Understand and I will try to change"
Is also far, far away from change
One who says, "I Know"
But his Actions fail to reflect "this Knowing" 
Is he not an intellectual fool
   who thinks "I have changed"?
Just see the fact  
Can 'thought' liberate you from 'thought'?
Shouldn't 'Action' of body, speech, and mind 
Reflect your 'New Knowledge' ? 

Just observe your own inner-outer 'Actions'
While being in relationship with 'this world'
If you remain Equanimous
It reveals your own true-Self   
There is no other true test 
   of your 'Waking-Meditation'

Beware of your own stupidity 
For you discard so easily 
All that you do not understand 
Just use your own Intuitive Sense 
To get More than what you see, hear, and read

When you experience 'That'
Which no Science can explain 
You will Awaken and See 
That 'Knowledge of Self' can exist 
Without any words or without any Thoughts

Jinendra urges and asks
Why are you so reluctant to Accept
Each one of us can Realize 'That' 
  which brings Liberation, Enlightenment, or God? 
Realize that 'Learning' itself  is not liberation 
But 'understanding' and 'Knowing from experience'  
  what you've learned brings Liberation

Be aware and perceive rightly
Then the words come alive and become meaningful 
If not, they are like writings on water 
Soon to disappear into meaninglessness!!

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