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The Taittiriya Upanishad
Translated by Alladi Mahadeva Sastry


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Book 2






Om. May Mitra be propitious to us, and Varuna Propitious be; may Aryaman propitious be to us; propitious be Indra and Brihaspati to us; to us propitious may Vishnu of vast extent be. Bow to Brahman! Bow to Thee, Vayu! Thou are indeed Brahman perceptible. Thee indeed have I declared Brahman perceptible. The right have I declared; and I have declared the true. That has protected me, That has protected the teacher; aye, That has protected me, That has protected the teacher. Om! Peace! Peace! Peace!





May Brahman protect us both! May He give us both to enjoy! Efficiency may we both attain! Effective may our study prove! Hate may we not (each other) at all! Om! Peace! Peace! Peace!





1. The knower of Brahman reaches the Supreme.





2. On that, this has been chanted: "Real, Consciousness, Infinite is Brahman; whoso knoweth the one hid in the cave in the highest heaven attains all desires together, as Brahman, as the Wise."





3. From That, verily, -- from This Self -- is akasa (ether) born; from akasa, air; from the air, fire; from fire, water; from water, earth; from earth, plants; from plants, food: from food, man.





4. He, verily, is this man, formed of food-essence.





5. This itself is his head; this is the right wing, this is the left wing, this is the self, this is the tail, the support.





6. On that, too, there is this verse:




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