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The Taittiriya Upanishad
Translated by Alladi Mahadeva Sastry




Book 3






1. None, as to his lodging, he shall turn away: that his vow.





2. Therefore, by whatever means, he should earn much food.





3. Food is prepared for him, -- they say.





4. This food, verily, being prepared at the highest, at the highest is food ready for him. This food, verily, being prepared at the middle, at the middle is food ready for him. This food, veryly, being prepared at the lowest, at the lowest isfood ready for him, -- (for him) who thus knows.





5. As safety in speech, as gain and safety in prana and apana, as action in the hands, as motion in the feet, as discharge in the anus: such are contemplations in man.





6. Next as to those referring to Devas: as satisfaction in the rain, as strength in the lightning, as fame in cattle, as light in the stars, as procreation, the immortal, and joy in the generative organ, as all in the akasa.





7. Let him contemplate That as support, he becomes well-supported. Let him contemplate That as great, he becomes great. Let him contemplate That as thought, he becomes thoughtful. Let him contemplate That as homage, to him desires pay homage. Let him contemplate That as the Supreme, possessed of supremacy he becomes. Let him contemplate That as Brahman's destructive agent, around him die his hateful rivals, and thoses rivals whom he does not like.





8. And this one who is in the man, and that one who is in the Sun, He is one.





9. He who thus knows, departing from this world and attaining this Annamaya self, then attaining this Pranamaya self, then attaining this Manomaya self, then attaining this Vijnanamaya self, then attaining this Anandamaya self, traversing these worlds, having the food he likes, taking the form he likes, this song singing he sits.





10. Oh! Oh! Oh! I am food, I food, I food! I food-eater, I food-eater, I food-eater! I am the combining agent, I am the combining agent, I am the combining agent. I am the First-born of the existence! Prior to gods, the centre of the immortal. Whoso giveth me, he surely doth thus save. I, the food, eat him who eats food. I the whole being destroy. Light, like the sun!





11. Whoso thus knows. Such is the Upanishad.








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