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Radical Gradualism: A Journal of Awakening
By Phil Servedio. Copyright 1995 Phil Servedio. All rights reserved.

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About the Author

Phil Servedio says one reason he wrote this journal was to show that extraordinary events can happen to ordinary people, and that what occurred to him can happen to others. He's 45 years old (in 2000) and lives in San Rafael, California with his wife Annie. He works as a software engineer in a leading high-tech firm in Marin County. For more about Phil, see his website here.



My Meeting With Ramana Maharshi
By Mercedes de Acosta

A Hollywood screenwriter, famous for love affairs with beautiful movie stars, describes the three-day visit with Ramana Maharshi which she later called the most important event of her life.

Sri Ramana Maharshi
Our main reference page on Ramana: biography, links, book reviews, etc.



Phil Servedio's Homepage
The author's website. It has lots more of his writing.

Living Essence Foundation
Arjuna Nick Ardagh's website.





By Ken Wilber

A friendly and simplified but not dumbed-down version of Wilber's magnum opus, Sex, Ecology, Spirituality. Brilliantly sweeping, startlingly original, friendly and engaging, this book synthesizes philosophy, spirituality, history and science.




By Ken Wilber

Wilber is probably the leading theorist trying to integrate eastern spirituality with western philosophy, science, history, and social science. This book is one of his most ambitious.




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This page was published on on February 22, 2000.


New and Recent
October 2000

Showing Respect for Ramana by Elena Gutierrez. October 10.

The Gospel of Thomas translated by Stephan Patterson and Marvin Meyer. September 14

Sanskrit Language Texts compiled by Nadine Berardi. September 14.

Autobiography of an Indian Monk reviewed by Laura Olshansky. September 10.

Zen and the Brain reviewed by Gary Schouborg. September 7.

Prayer to My Guru, Sri Sri Sri Sivabalayogi Maharaj by Charlie Hopkins. September 6.

The Laser Swami by Thomas Ashley-Farrand. July 1.

How Will I Know If I'm Really Meditating? by John S. Anderson. June 30.

What Ramana's I-I Feels Like by Anonymous. June 12.

Self-Enquiry by Ramana Maharshi. June 9

Isa Upanishad translated by F. Max Müller. June 4.

Sexuality and Spiritual Awakening by Bonnie Greenwell, Ph.D. June 1.

Kena Upanishad translated by F. Max Müller. May 31.

Prasna Upanishad translated by F. Max Müller. May 30.

Sat-Cakra-Nirupana by Purnananda Swami. May 26.

Autobiography of a Monk by Shri Acharya Abhidhyanananda Avadhuta. May 25.

The Dance by Rev. Maureen Heffernan. May 23.

To Be and Not to Be: The Koan of the Ego by El Collie. May 23.

Aitareya Upanishad translated by F. Max Müller. May 21.

What We Learn in the Dark by Gary Schouborg. May 21.

Ellam Ondre by Vijai R. Subramaniyam. May 20.

The Way to Practice Vipassana Meditation by Sayadaw U Pandita Bhivamsa. May 20.

Finding a Teacher by Puran Bair. May 19.

Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. May 19.

Katha Upanishad translated by F. Max Müller. May 18.

I Need To Feel You Every Moment In My Heart by Charlie Hopkins. May 18.

Crest Jewel of Wisdom by Sankara. May 16.

Turning Blue: Natural Pranayama by Freddie Yam. May 15.