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Pilgrimage to Self
Page 9

by Jinendra Swami

Copyright 1999 Jinendra Swami.

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What is renunciation?
Do we Renounce 100%?
Do we Disown 100%?
Do we Disclaim 100%?
Do we Negate 100%?
Do we Contradict 100%?
Do we ever 'let go' 100%  -- ?
True Renunciation is in 100% Refusal

Through self-observation, can you see the Fact 
  that even in our Refusals, acceptance is always there -- ? 
Our Refusal has in it's 'background'
Our own Tendencies and Idiosyncrasies 
Our Refusal is never Absolute, never 100%

Here, Renunciation is not concerned with physical facts 
Nor is it concerned with the facts of the material world 
Renunciation is not achievable by learning or        
  understanding, nor can it be Taught
Renunciation sprouts Automatically
On realizing the Truth about your own mental world  

Know that 
Reaction to a thought by another thought 
Is not a Refusal
Our reaction is also a thought
   in response to some thought 

Understand, such Refusal is only an idea    
How can such Refusal be a fact and absolutely Free -- ?
If at all you Refuse
Then is it free from 'Influence'  -- ?
--  It may be some person or object
--  May be some circumstances
--  May be Environmental influences 
--  May be your own tendencies 

Now, do you see clearly the 'Influence'
  that's behind all your Act ? 
Then, how can such conditioned Refusal
Be a Free Act ?

Observe yourself Honestly, Seriously and Carefully 
Can you see the fact, that your Refusal
Is never without an 'Acceptance'
Then, what is Pure Refusal, which is 1OO% ?

Renunciation is a Fact
It can be perceived in a Free Act
Look at the Content of Your Act 
--  Is there a Belief?
--  Is there a Motive?
--  Is there a Desire?
--  Is there a Fear?
--  Is there expectation of  'the Fruit'?
--  Is there a Partial acceptance?
--  Is there a Conditional Refusal?
--  Is there Vanity ?
--  Is there Pleasure ?

--  Is there Pain ?
--  Is there an Emotion?  Is there ...   ... ?
Yes, no act is a Free Act   
If the Act is of a  'Conceptful Mind'
If the Act is of a 'Conditioned Mind'

True Renunciation is in renouncing 
  'That' which Activates the body
  'That' which is the Cause of birth and all Actions

True Renunciation is
   renouncing your 'Conditioned Mind' 
True Renunciation is
   living with a 'Conceptless Mind'
True Renunciation is
In Realizing that 'Nothing is Mine'
Then the Mind moves from fact to fact 

True Renunciation is
   living with an 'Unconditioned Mind'
You discard the ' i'  and  'mine '
In all objects of your Perceptions

Jinendra asks
Do you now know, what is 100% Renunciation? 

Is it also not 100% Acceptance?
True Renunciation brings Total Freedom 
Abandoning the 'Ego-sense'  and all  'concepts' 
You now live in Transcendental State
   free from all thoughts!!

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