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Falun Gong



    Li Hongzhi, founder of Falun Gong.
Falun Gong is a type of Qi Gong, a system of meditation and energy exercises, introduced in China in 1992 by its inventor, Li Hongzhi.

In just a few years it became enormously popular in China, with millions or tens of millions of practitioners. The Chinese government reacted by withdrawing official recognition from it.

In April 1999 more than ten thousand Falun Gong followers held a vigil outside the walled compound where Chinese government officials live to demand official recognition. This was the largest demonstration in China since the Tienanmen massacre.

The government reacted by outlawing Falun Gong, burning millions of its publications, and arresting thousands of its practitioners.



China Falun Gong
By Li Hongzhi
Basic book for beginners about Falun Gong by the organization's founder.

Falun Gong's website
You'll see "Falun Dafa" on this website because that's what the organization actually calls itself.

List of Qi Gong Links
On the website of the National Qigong Association USA.


Who's Afraid of Falun Gong?
By Jacques DeLisle
This article by a professor at the University of Pennsylvania examines reasons why the Chinese government has cracked down on Falun Gong.

This page was published on February 10, 2000 and last revised on October 29, 2000.



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