Black Ant

by Jan Frazier

An ant finds God in a toilet.

April 10, 2014


What Does He Mean To Me?

The author recalls how Sri Ramana Maharshi's presence helped him understand who he really is.

February 10, 2014


Sri Ramana Maharshi's Moment of Realization

What did Sri Ramana do to realize the Self?

February 4, 2014


The Day My Kundalini Woke Up

by Freddie Yam

He cried tears of joy for three days.

December 5, 1999


Killing the Ego: Does it Hurt?

by Laura Olshansky

After years of meditation, her ego is slipping away.

December 8, 1999


I Need to Feel You Every Moment in My Heart

by Charlie Hopkins

One of our favorite poems.

May 18, 2000


Prayer Body

by Charlie Hopkins

It begins, "My eyes were empty graves I dug with my own hands...."

February 25, 2000


Instructions for Self Enquiry

by Annamalai Swami

One of Ramana Maharshi's closest devotees explains that self-enquiry must be done continuously for long periods of time in order to be effective.

January 23, 2014

Sri Ramana Maharshi


Nothing Existed Except the Eyes of the Maharshi

by N.R. Krishnamurti Aiyer

Ramana Maharshi's gaze ignited a college professor's Kundalini, opened his heart center, and stopped his thoughts.

October 29, 2001


The I Flashed Forth

by Anonymous

A visitor to Sri Ramana's ashram has his first direct experience of the Self.

June 12, 2000.

Byron Katie


An Interview with Byron Katie

by Sunny Massad

Everything now feels like heaven to a woman who was depressed for years, and she calls this state "love."

October 23, 2001


My Awakening

by Osho

An unusually vivid description of what it feels like to become enlightened.

September 20, 2000