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Pilgrimage to Self
Page 14

by Jinendra Swami

Copyright 1999 Jinendra Swami.

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Life: The Universal Energy

'Life' is in all Creation 
Creation is through Manifestation 
Manifestation is through Activity 
Can there be life where there's no Activity?

To know and understand Life 
Shift your focus of Awareness to Activity 
Be Aware 
And Just simply observe
If you take away Creation 
    then where is the Life?

What 'Is' beyond the manifestation
'Is' in the manifested too
The Unmanifested is right there 
  in all manifestations too
But man ignorantly seeks
  freedom from manifestation
Not knowing 
Liberation from manifestations
  is  also through manifestation

 I the Life have come
     from Being into Existence
     from Formless to Form
     from Infinity to Finite 
     from Absoluteness to Particular 
    from Unconditioned to Condition
    from Unqualified to One with qualities   

I in self-manifestation
   has remain unchanged
The Being is right there
   in all Life's manifestations.

Life creates, Life is the Creator
But as Life manifests and takes form 
In this very act of Creation 
Life gets  'anchored'
    and lose its Essence-of being the Creator 

Now let a fresh breath of Reality 
Enter your world of  'form and matter' 
Let it penetrate every pore of you 
To Cleanse you of all Limitations.

Just be effortless
Just be spontaneous 
That's being 'Natural' in all Acts 
You then experience The Power
That brings you closer to Life

Of all Life's manifestations 
It is only in man  
Life can awaken into 'itself ' 
It is in this blooming of Self-consciousness 
Life is Free once more as a Creator 

It is only in man that Life is
Both object and subject as well
He looks at 
Life's creation (World) as Object   
And back into
Life's creation (himself) as Subject

It is through this process 
I  the subject realizes itself as subject
Life thus Freed from its objectification 
Comes home again
Completing the cycle it began

Man has to do nothing 
He has simply to express 
'That' what he 'Is'
Isn't 'Life' the 'Source' of Existence?
Isn't 'Life' the Absolute Essence?

Look where we may in Nature 
'Naturalness' abides 
But strange as it may seem 
In man 'unnaturalness' abides

Life flows
Unattached to it's own Creation
But Man gets attached to all it's creation
Transcend this 'Alien' nature 
Liberate 'Life' from life 
Then you are what 'you are' 
'Life' The Universal Energy

Realize and be aware of the fact
  Life or Reality is free and absolute
  also in all it's manifestations  
Realize and be aware of the fact
  All manifestations 
  are of one and the same Life  
Realize that the Truth one seeks
  of Unity in all Diversity
Is right there in the synthesis 
  of Reality, Nature, and Me 

But you are puzzled 
When you look at Nature
You perceive Uniqueness in sight 
Where is the Universality 
   of one and same Life?

'Creation' differs
For Man and Nature
In Nature
Life creates through manifestation 
But in Man
Life creates through 'Right Perception'

Objectively everything remains as it is 
Till 'Right Perception' dawns 
Then Instantly in a flash
Everything in the consciousness transforms
This vital change brings with it
  'Right Knowledge'
    and 'Right Understanding'
 'Right Knowledge'
     and 'Right Understanding'
Brings new values 
    and new significance to Life  

Now begins for Man 
   Creation through 'Right Action'
Now begins for Life
   the true ecstasy of Creation  

Now Nature ceases to be 
Merely a world of objects 
It now reveals to man 
Its infinite meanings and secrets
This is the bliss of Self-Awareness

Awareness reveals the 'Tri-Ratna '
 -- 'Samyag-Darshan' (The Right Perception)
 -- 'Samyag-Gnyan' (The Right Knowledge)
 -- 'Samyag-Charitra' (The Right Living)

'Tri-Ratna is the Yoga
It brings Life back
   into complete knowledge of  'itself '
'Keval Gnyan' -- 'Only Knowing' is your Reality
Now who am I needs no Enquiry

Life awaits Self- discovery
In Each and every Person
Know that the Truth of Life's Nature 
Is revealed only through Self-Consciousness

It's Realization of  'Itself '
When Man Awakens into Self-consciousness 
He now realizes
  The 'person' is only an instrument
  through which Life Creates    

On Self-discovery
Man and nature unite into Self-identity    
The i of man merges itself
   into the I  of Life 
This merging transmutes into Unity 
   from the multiplicity of Man, Nature, and Life
As each person is an individual
  and essentially Unique
This process of re-discovery
  is also a fresh adventure indeed 
No two paths are alike
  nor is the process same
This is the beauty of Life
In rediscovering and knowing 'Itself '

Life's manifestation is unique 
Each must discover what Life is 
Each must find his own way
From Uniqueness to Universality 

Be aware and perceive rightly
Then the words come alive and become meaningful 
If not, they are like writings on water 
Soon to disappear into meaninglessness!!

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