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Crest Jewel of Wisdom

Also known as the Crest Jewel of Discrimination or Viveka-Chudamani


Translated by JOHN RICHARDS

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Editor's Introduction

ACCORDING TO TRADITION, this book was written by Sankara, the most important philosopher of Advaita Vedanta. Modern scholarship
has cast doubt on this attribution, but the book remains one of the most famous and widely-read classics in the Advaitan literature.

The author (whoever he or she may have been) sets forth a method of Jnana Yoga called viveka or discrimination in which the seeker learns to distinguish what is really the self from the insentient things with which it is normally confused.

Rev. John Henry Richards, who made this translation, placed it in the public domain in 1998. He was rector of Stackpole Elidur Church in Cheriton, Wales until his retirement in 1999.

— Editor, Realization.org

Rev. John Henry Richards


Verses     1-  50
Verses   51-100
Verses 101-150
Verses 151-200
Verses 201-250
Verses 251-300
Verses 301-350
Verses 351-400
Verses 401-450
Verses 451-500
Verses 501-550
Verses 551-580

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